Choosing Front Entry Doors in The Villages FL

Front doors are a crucial component of your home, offering both curb appeal and security. They must stand up to the Florida climate and accentuate your style.

Coastal Green Energy Solutions offers a wide selection of low-maintenance fiberglass entry doors that combine beauty and resilience for Florida homeowners. Read on to learn more about this popular door material and how it can transform your home.

Curb Appeal

In a place like The Villages, FL, where each home reflects its owner’s personal style and personality, entry doors are more than a gateway into the house. They’re a statement of the homeowners’ unique identity, and an guardian against weather and burglars.

A front door’s curb appeal is a first impression that determines whether potential buyers cross the threshold or swipe left. Mowing the lawn, washing windows and adding a few plants to the landscaping are simple ways to increase your curb appeal. But a new front door will make the biggest impact on your home’s appearance.

Adding decorative door glass or wrought iron details can instantly elevate your home’s façade. For a dramatic effect, consider adding sidelights to brighten the entryway. Our experts at Entrypoint By Perry’s can design a beautiful new door for your home that fits your unique taste. Contact us today to find out more about our custom door designs! We serve homeowners throughout Florida.


A home’s doors are more than a passageway: they’re a reflection of its residents’ personality, an invitation to guests and visitors, and a guardian of privacy. That’s why the right doors are so important, especially in a community like The Villages, where every home reflects its residents’ lifestyle.

Exterior doors need to withstand the elements and resist intruders, and interior doors should complement the space while adding functionality. From insulated door systems to stylish, contemporary designs, there’s a door that suits each homeowner’s taste and lifestyle.

For homeowners who want to blend a modern touch with space efficiency, consider bi-fold doors. These doors slide and stack neatly, occupying minimal space and providing easy access to closets, pantries, and even room dividers. They also provide insulation to keep the house warm or cool and lower your energy bills.


In Florida, your front doors must not only look beautiful but also withstand severe weather conditions. They are a symbol of your home’s identity and offer first impressions to passersby, so they must blend aesthetics with robustness.

Coastal Green Energy Solutions offers several door replacement options that are durable, affordable and stylish. For instance, steel doors like the ProVia Legacy Steel line don’t crack or dent and offer greater strength than fiberglass or wood doors. They’re also energy-efficient, which can lower your utility bills and qualify you for an energy rebate.

Our impact-rated doors can resist heavy blows and protect your home from hurricane winds, which are stronger than regular windows. They are required by code for homes within one mile of the coast but are ideal for inland locations as well. They open outward, which is safer for occupants and allows for easier evacuation in case of a disaster. They are available in various styles, finishes and features, including decorative glass and handles.


Choosing the right entry door is more than just an aesthetic choice. It’s a statement of your unique style and a guardian of the safety of your loved ones.

With the Florida climate, exterior doors need to be able to stand up to inclement weather and heavy wear. They must also be able to repel insects and prevent energy loss.

Fiberglass front doors are an excellent option for homeowners seeking durability and longevity. These doors are less likely to fade, rust or dent than wood, and they’re available in a variety of styles to complement any home design.

Coastal Green Energy Solutions also offers decorative front door glass to help you elevate your entranceway. You can create a stunning first impression for visitors and guests, as well as increase your curb appeal. Keep out the insects and enjoy those gorgeous Florida breezes with a screened front door.