Window Replacement The Villages FL

Windows are a significant part of any home, letting in light and air, and enhancing the overall look. They also help with resale value.

In Florida, homeowners are recommended to choose impact-resistant windows that can withstand high winds and debris from hurricanes. However, standard windows can also provide good protection.

Impact-resistant windows

Designed to withstand powerful winds and debris hurled during storms, impact windows are a more attractive alternative to shutters. They are made up of two sheets of tempered glass that are adhered to either side of a sheet of high-tech polymer. These laminated windows meet stringent testing standards to qualify as hurricane-resistant.

The windows are also anchored to an inner resin layer that prevents them from shattering on impact. The glass and protective film can be ordered in various color tints to reduce UV ray penetration into the home.

These windows are an excellent choice for homeowners in Florida and other coastal areas. They can help reduce energy costs, noise pollution and improve curb appeal. They are also easier to clean than a standard window and can be repainted as needed. Many insurance companies offer discounts for homes that feature these windows. However, it’s important to compare their benefits against other options for your home.

Standard windows

When buying new windows for a house, it’s important to know the standard window sizes that are commonly used in residential construction. This will help you make informed decisions, plan your renovation or remodeling project more effectively, and ensure a smoother installation process.

Standard window measurements are usually noted with a size notation, such as “4444.” The size notation includes a 1/2 inch less in width and height than the manufacturer’s actual measurement. This under-sizing provides room for shimming the frame into the framing rough opening and helps ensure that the windows open and close smoothly.

Many homes have non-standard window openings, including bathrooms, basement windows, and casement or glider windows. In such cases, custom windows are available to fit the size and style of your home’s openings. These windows are more expensive and take longer to ship than standard sizes, but they’re a great option for irregularly-shaped or oversized openings. A custom window will also provide better insulation and save you money on energy costs.

Glass types

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling your existing one, the right windows will add to its beauty, functionality and feel. A trusted window installation pro can help you select the right size, style and color of windows for your needs and budget. These pros can also provide expert guidance on sliding doors and French doors.

Besides enhancing your home’s beauty, new windows can reduce energy costs by 25-30%. Using an Energy Star-rated window will reduce the amount of heat and air that you send out through your old, drafty windows. This is especially important in The Villages, where summers are long and hot.

A full-frame window installation will take about four to 15 weeks. This includes appointments for measuring, ordering and manufacturing your new windows. After they arrive, a professional will take about 30 to 60 minutes to install each window. To ensure that your project is done correctly, hire a reputable window contractor from Angi’s list.


When standard glass windows break during a severe weather event like a hurricane, they create large and dangerous shards of glass that leave the interior of your home vulnerable to rain, debris, and wind. Fortunately, Grayhawk Remodeling can install impact windows for your home to help protect it during a storm. These windows are made from a single layer of impact-rated glass that’s designed to hold up against harsh weather conditions. To make the project even easier for you, we offer a variety of financing options and warranties.